General Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Last updated 4/16/23.

By using this site and/or downloading content, I agree that this site and all content herein is not legal, medical, financial or psychiatric advice. The “site” includes all pages of this website and all information contained herein, including but not limited to everything I can download by signing up for the email list.

I will consult with a qualified healthcare professional before trying anything discussed on this site, and hold SE Coaching, LLC and SaraEllen Hutchison harmless for any consequences stemming from my actions taken after using this site.

This site is the intellectual property of SaraEllen Hutchison and SE Coaching, LLC. I will not publish anything on this site anywhere else. For media inquiries, please fill out the contact form!

Private Coaching Terms and Conditions Applying to All Coaching Programs

I agree that the Private Coaching program (“Program”) is not medical or psychiatric advice or treatment. If I might need those services, I will consult with a qualified professional. The Program is no substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment. SaraEllen Hutchison is not a doctor, nurse, counselor or any kind of health professional.

I agree that coaching and the Program are not legal advice. SaraEllen Hutchison and I do not have an attorney-client relationship, nor do we have a co-counsel relationship. I agree and understand that SE Coaching, LLC is not a law firm and is a wholly separate business entity from SaraEllen Hutchison’s law practice. SaraEllen Hutchison provides coaching to me completely separate from her law practice.

I agree to approach this work sincerely and participate to the best of my ability. I agree that I am wholly in control of my results with this program, and that SaraEllen Hutchison cannot guarantee any particular result. I agree to maintain regular communication with SaraEllen Hutchison throughout the duration of my Program.

I agreee that consistency is 80% of success, and I am responsible for my own consistency.

I agree that any sessions in my package that are not used by the expiration date of my package I forfeit. 

I agree that cancellation/rescheduling may be done up to 48 hours before the appointment time, except in the case of illness that would keep me from being present at work (e.g., covid or flu), a true emergency, or force majeure. I shall notify SaraEllen or a representative therefore of my circumstances as soon as safe and practicable.

Packages cannot be paused for vacation for longer than one week, and require two weeks’ notice to SaraEllen.

If I must cancel for any reason, I shall reschedule within the same calendar week or I forfeit the session.

If I am five minutes late and there has not been an emergency, illness or force majeure, I forfeit the session.

Repeated late arrivals or cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice may subject me to my participation being terminated from the program at SaraEllen Hutchison’s discretion and without refund of the remainder of my package.

I acknowledge that in very rare circumstances, it may be appropriate for either I or SaraEllen Hutchison to terminate my participation in the Program. Should that arise, I agree to communicate this to SaraEllen Hutchison, and she agrees to communicate this to me.

I agree that I’m under no obligation to sign up for or purchase anything SaraEllen Hutchison and SE Coaching, LLC may offer in the future after I purchase one Program. And, SaraEllen Hutchison and SE Coaching, LLC are under no obligation to continue to provide services to me after the conclusion of my Program.


Slack Support Terms and Conditions Applying to All Coaching Programs 

If SaraEllen Hutchison and SE Coaching, LLC have offered me written coaching via Slack, email, text or other channel during the duration of my Program, I agree to limit my written coaching request to one issue per week. SaraEllen Hutchison and SE Coaching, LLC are under no obligation to check Slack and respond to me more than once per day, Monday through Thursday, during the window of 8am – 5pm Pacific Time. 

Zoom Terms and Conditions Applying to All Coaching Programs 

SaraEllen Hutchison and SE Coaching, LLC conduct coaching sessions via Zoom. 

Sessions will not be recorded unless I request it. If I request a recording of the session, I agree to permit SaraEllen Hutchison and SE Coaching, LLC to retain a recording of the session. 

I agree to not use any of SaraEllen Hutchison and SE Coaching, LLC’s intellectual property as my own. 

I also agree to show up to Zoom calls in a safe, distraction-free, quiet environment, with a working internet connection, camera and microphone.