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girl boss & Bro Marketer price gouging and gaslighting? You’re not alone. You can fight back.

If you were scammed by a life coach or business mastermind, you have rights.

A lot of what the coaching industry wants us to think is normal is really just...

Unfair or deceptive trade practices

Did you pay thousands of dollars to a life coach, business coach, or social media influencer, but what they gave you in exchange was different from what was promised?

Maybe you worked really hard in some program, but didn’t get results like what was touted in the marketing.

Or maybe you are wondering if it was an outright scam!

You might be feeling embarrassed, angry, and mistreated.

Many in the personal development industry want you to think that there is nothing wrong with this picture, that it is an “unregulated” industry that can do as it pleases. And not give refunds.

But they’re wrong.

What is unfair & deceptive?

The below hypothetical examples of programs, coaches and influencers are provided for illustration only. 

One cannot say whether or not any particular business did anything unlawful without looking at the facts of your situation, the marketing materials that induced you to buy, any communications that occurred between you and the coach or business, and other factors specific to your situation.

Buyer Beware? Not so fast.

Consumers have the right to be treated honestly and fairly, without being pressured or manipulated.

And when a business behaves badly, it could be liable to you under state and/or federal law.

You are a consumer, and the law is on your side.

together, we can stop the scams

Even if you’re embarrassed that you gave these people your money. Even if you’re still blaming yourself. Even if other people seemed to get results and you didn’t. Even if they say they don’t “do” refunds. Even if you derived some benefit, such as a sense of community.

People who don’t play fair in business can’t hide from consumer protection laws.

Law Office of SaraEllen Hutchison, PLLC is a consumer rights law firm.

Fighting for what's right is not easy, but it's worth it.

"It is impossible to frame definitions which embrace all unfair practices. There is no limit to human inventiveness in this field. Even if all known unfair practices were specifically defined and prohibited, it would be at once necessary to begin over again. If Congress were to adopt the method of definition, it would undertake an endless task."

H. R. Conf. Rep. No. 1142, 63d Cong., 2d Sess., 19 (1914).

Did Congress have a crystal ball? Is high-ticket coaching a scam?

One of the most insidious ways a business can behave badly is to preach a gaslighting gospel of self-improvement that makes the customer wholly responsible for the business’ lack of strategy. 

The industry has done a bang-up job convincing people that it can sell hot air for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then blame the customer when the customer doesn’t get the very kinds of outlier results that were paraded in front of the consumer to seduce them to buy. 

Many of the businesses selling “mindset,” “empowerment,” or lifestyle — instead of an actual product or service — vehemently defend their work as legitimate. They claim they never make any hard and fast promises. 

But why then do otherwise intelligent, discerning people give their hard-earned money to girl bosses and bro marketers who give little in return? Especially when the odds are so low that it will work? 

False advertising. Misleading marketing. Undue influence. Psychological sales tactics. In other words...

Unfair & deceptive trade practices.

Genuine coaching helps you without you going broke in the process.

A legit mastermind isn’t an ad-hoc pyramid scheme, or a money trap that will keep you locked in for months on end.

Real business mentoring gives you support and structure beyond just telling you that your thoughts are the entirety of your problem.

And guess what else is real. A lawsuit, where a copy is shared with the state Attorney General. A lawsuit makes most people pay attention and motivates reform in ways that little else can. 

If you want a free evaluation of your situation, gather up your paperwork, reach out, and we’ll talk. The consultation is free, and I take many cases on contingency when there’s a statute that provides for the other side to pay my fees.

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