Do you have lawyer burnout?

Here are some of the telltale signs:

You're constantly stressed out.

You fantasize about quitting the law, but you don't know what else you'd do.

You procrastinate important things, and you don't know why.

You're so busy but it seems you still don't get anything done. Where did the day go?

A personal life outside work? A vacation? Must be nice.

Lawyer stress coaching, Lawyer burnout coaching

You don't have to be like the average miserable lawyer.

It's actually possible to be a happy lawyer.

But you might be wondering, "how?"

overwhelmed woman lawyer

Are you a lawyer wanting to stop hating your job and start enjoying your life again?

SaraEllen understands that the law can be a tough business and lifestyle. 

For lawyers, finding the time to take care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically is hard, when they don’t teach us this in school — and most advice out there is just fluff that doesn’t really work for lawyers.

Through SaraEllen’s separate coaching practice, SE Coaching, LLC, she can help you overcome burnout by teaching you how to:

  • Permanently reduce your stress levels;
  • Create time for the things you love outside the law;
  • Strengthen your immunity to assholes, deadlines, losing motions and trials, and other “occupational hazards;”
  • Feel better about anything you have going on in your personal or professional life.

You can learn to enjoy being a lawyer again.

You can also get the non-law parts of your life back.

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Coaching is a powerful solution to lawyer burnout and stress.

Coaching is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatment; it’s a different discipline with different solutions to the mindset and lifestyle problems endemic to the legal industry.

If you’ve already done therapy or addressed an underlying medical or mental health condition and still feel overwhelmed and burned out by your law career, it’s time to do coaching.

Just like you’d hire a coach to help you with your golf swing, or hire a tutor to help your kid who struggles with math, lawyers can benefit from a coach who can show them their errors — and how to fix it faster than they can on their own.

When you engage in unhelpful behaviors like procrastination, stress eating or binge eating, reading meaningless work emails late into the evening, and ruminating over the trial you lost last week…or last year, it’s because of what’s called a “thought error.” 

Sometimes the smartest people — like lawyers — are ironically the most prone to the kinds of thought errors that lead people to lose their temper, overeat, procrastinate and ruminate.

It’s not your fault — it’s largely because of how lawyers are “raised.”

I can help you stop believing these thought errors — for good. Once you shine the light on the thinking and feeling that’s causing you so much stress and pain, it is very hard to “un-see” it. And then you’ll be able to better handle anything that comes your way.

SaraEllen Hutchison is a Professional Coach, certified by the Life Coach School and Bev Aron's Advanced Deep Dive Coaching Institute.

SaraEllen, through her separate coaching entity SE Coaching, LLC, has flexible and affordable coaching options that you will find are very different from a lot of professional and executive coaching currently available on the market. 

She offers a sliding fee scale for young/new lawyers and legal aid/public defenders. 

Email her at s a r a e l l e n [at] s a r a e l l e n h u t c h i s o n . c o m to schedule a free 20-minute mini session to see if coaching is right for you.


Feminine Energy Feminist helps women in historically male-occupied fields like the law transcend the false patriarchal limits that keep so many women unhappy.

Yes, you can be a great lawyer and manifest all of the non-law desires for your life.