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SaraEllen Hutchison: co-counsel for trials, appeals, and consumer rights litigation

Thank you for your interest in working with SaraEllen.

SaraEllen Hutchison currently works exclusively with other lawyers needing co-counsel. ​

If you are a consumer needing advice or representation, you may wish to explore the below-linked resources in your search for a lawyer. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an auto fraud case, or any other case involving the purchase or repair of a motor vehicle, please do not contact SaraEllen, as she does not have the resources to respond to you. She is not being rude; she simply is not the right person to contact for auto cases. Thank you for your understanding.

SaraEllen cannot speak for any other lawyer or organization, nor can she guarantee the accuracy of any content on any other site linked here. You are not a client of Law Office of SaraEllen Hutchison, PLLC or SaraEllen Hutchison without a signed, written fee agreement.

If you are a consumer needing help and contact SaraEllen through this site, understand that she may forward your inquiry to other consumer rights counsel who may be available for a consult.

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