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My Interview on the Resilient Lawyer Podcast

A big thank-you to Jeena Cho for interviewing me on her Resilient Lawyer podcast!

If you don't know Jeena Cho, you should. She's a bankruptcy lawyer -- kinda like a cousin to a consumer lawyer :-) We both have concern for consumer rights in our ideological DNA.

But more importantly, she is on the forefront of the mindful lawyer movement, and has written about this extensively in her book The Anxious Lawyer and at her blog. She also is a great uplifter on Twitter (the world needs more uplifters on Twitter....)

We had an awesome conversation about lawyer burnout, lawyers and money, women and goals...I hope you check it out!

You can view the show notes and listen to the interview here.

You can also listen to it over on iTunes.

I also mention the book that inspired me to set and achieve so many of my goals: Write it Down, Make it Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser.  (Amazon affiliate link) It's fun and practical. I am probably due to re-read it. :-)

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