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Law and Consciousness. What is it?

Somewhere between the discovery of fire and the organization of human agriculture, people have looked for ways to figure out how to live together. In the beginning, human science was limited to mythological explanations of the natural world that we could see only with our hearts, not microscopes -- and describe only with our stories. Our first science was spiritual. So was our first law.

I am only a lawyer, trained in the 21st century to be a skilled craftsperson at my trade. Philosophers, theologians and academics can make better arguments than I can. They have spent more time on the source material than I have. Like the poets of the oral tradition thousands of years ago, I am merely a storyteller, trying to keep the tribe together with something that will organize, uplift and inspire us to stay together regardless of the perils beyond the mouth of the cave.

Why should you listen to me? Many of today's problems that you see in the news seem to cry out for science, medicine, technology. I am not doing important cancer or climate research. I haven't even invented an app that will improve your life (and probably won't). Lawyers are kind of an old school group. We still play by rules that were written nearly 400 years ago in England, around the same time that drowning "witches" and bloodletting with leeches were still considered state-of-the-art.

But other problems are just as vexing today as they have ever been. You know what I'm talking about. Conflict about religion, politics, morals, values, and yes, law itself. When it comes to this stuff, humanity is still in that cave, afraid of what's outside, and even more afraid of those other people in that cave over yonder. And many of these fears are rooted in some, uh, very practical matters.

These problems have consumed me since childhood. Although my upbringing was stereotypical middle class suburbia, born to educated parents, it was unusual in that one of my parents was a diehard Democrat and the other is a diehard Republican – and they were married 42 years until one of them passed away. Outside of my formal education, I have studied spirituality extensively, as well as its practical application. Meditation, exploring the nature of consciousness, personal development and creative visualization are as much a part of me as the work I do in the law.

In defense of myself and my kind – yes, the damn lawyers – we can stand up around the fire, and tell stories to keep the tribe together. We are in a unique position to bring light into the dark corners of the cave.
Why? Despite the flaws of our adversarial system, that pits one side against the other like a prize fight, it's a place to talk. It's a place where people's stories must be true, and I as ambitiously suggest, should be uplifting to humanity. I've learned over the years that we let you down if we don't uplift you with our words.

That's why I started this site and have expanded the scope of my work into what I'll audaciously call the new frontier of law and the path of consciousness. Thank you for joining me here.